Supreme Court strikes down federal law prohibiting sports gambling


In washington i'm dave mattingly in pennsylvania state senator scott wagner is the winner of the state's republican gubernatorial primary wagner will face incumbent democratic governor tom wolfe in november i'm running because hardworking pennsylvanians shouldn't have governor tom wolfe whose only focus is to get more of their paycheck or your paycheck for term congressman lou bar leda is celebrating a win in pennsylvania's republican senate primary he'll face incumbent democratic senator bob casey in the fall election in idaho the state's lieutenant governor brad little is the winner of the republican gubernatorial gubernatorial primary there he'll face paul that jordan in november jordan won the state's democratic gubernatorial primary many companies and state legislatures have begun weighing their options following this week's ruling from the us supreme court to allow sports betting nationwide charles lane with member station w s h u reports states this is much needed revenue maybe a billion dollars once everything's fully developed for companies it's about being the first product out once the markets open up some companies already have their products ready to go in the literally just waiting for the rules to be written at this point executives with the nfl and the nba or among those asking congress to write uniform rules on sports betting to apply in all fifty states i'm dave mattingly npr news in washington this is wnyc i'm shumita basu in new york the us secretary of education betsy devos is visiting new york city this week but she's not visiting any public schools according to her office devos toward the manhattan high school for girls on the upper east side yesterday morning politico reporter ozzy pays paper says the school is an elite jewish institution with a hefty price tag a person who helped arrange the meeting said the tuition at the school is around twenty or twenty two thousand dollars with about sixty percent of the students their paying full tuition today device has a visit plan to the sheva dr hey torah boys school in rockaway another orthodox jewish school a spokesperson for devos did not explain the rationale for the secretaries visits new jersey senator bob menendez is opposing the trump administration pick to run the federal transit administration wnyc washington correspondent john conor reports menendez said he wanted answers about federal support for.

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