Ackman makes roughly $1 billion bet on Lowe's


Industry altogether tying it all together for you and yet we continue to let them cheat and steal that's the trade issue as early as monday the president was touting the benefit for farmers of china buying more stuff this morning though he tweeted the deal might be too hard to get done shift of rhetoric from secretary of state mike pompeo when it comes to north korea till now he said no sanctions relief till the north completely denuclearize is now posture will not change until we see credible steps taken towards the complete verifiable and irreversible nico denuclearization of the korean peninsula pompeo isn't saying what credible steps would look like iran's supreme leader is speaking out for the first time since pompeo laid out demands for iran to halt its nuclear program in comments posted to his website i told ali khamenei says the us has tried various tactics to topple the regime and its forty year history and quoting here like the famous cat in tom and jerry it will fail again global news twenty four hours a day on air at tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries this is bloomberg thinks nathan now with our other top stories i'm happy little there's been a shakeup inside wells fargo's municipal bond unit the unit's new chief is dismissing senior bankers in new york chicago and la and bringing in colleagues from his almatar morgan stanley wells fargo is looking to bolster shrinking meany bond underwriting business it's fall into the eighth spot on the list of the biggest us municipal bond managers customers are coming back to tiffany sales at the luxury jewelry chain blew away estimates in the last quarter growth was led by gains in north america and asia tiffany also raised its profit forecast for the year and announced a billion dollar share buyback plan bill ackman shopping at home retailer lowe's bloomberg's pimm fox has details bill ackman's pershing square capital management has taken a stake worth about a billion dollars in the retailer and is supportive of the company's incoming chief executive marvin ellison ackman disclosed the steak at a mergers and acquisitions conference in new new york hosted by the law firm kirkland and ellis ackman joins de sean company as an investor in the home improvement retailer ackman's position would put him in.

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