Eddie Edwards, Senator Kelly and Senator Maggie Hassen discussed on New Hampshire Today


Think that's close and ask eddie edwards what do you think will you let me finish i love you kidding when when i asked them do you approve of the job president trump is doing they didn't run away they embraced it and you know when you look at the when senator kelly was asked the same question against now senator maggie hassen senator kinda went the other way and walked away and ran away from donald trump cristiano the governor when he was a candidate said hey i'm paraphrasing may not like everything he says but you know what he's our nominee so what i'm noticing is i don't know if the republican candidates are necessarily gonna try and distance themselves from donald trump as if as if it's any kind of negative that's what i'm hearing from these these early interviews what do you think are going to stick with donald trump listen he's the head of their party he's the president of the united states whether they like them or dislike him he's the top man now so they're going to stick with it but i think it was a very different situation during the two thousand sixteen election and listen she broke the trump after that video which we all remember the one you know the extra or entertainment tonight video that was a very different bill clinton.

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