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I know but this is rhode island started wild place i know we had some hells angels hanging around here for years but now comes the word that some of these other motorcycle gangs have started moving into rhode island maybe over the past couple of years the pagans the crypt men we got the crypt been here now that could you know this i do not yesterday the state police and other agencies rounded up a bunch of them raids all over the place they were all over the place north providence burrillville japan warwick did you see the arsenal they seized knives guns rifles shotguns set semiautomatics got everything they called it operation patched out which is has to do with the patches the biker gangs were on their vests the pagans the crypts and others they're carving out territories in rhode island police say they're involved them to drug trade their violent they have no no hesitation about killing each other this is colonel ann assumpico who runs the state police he's a violent criminals who belong to some of the most sinister motorcycle gangs in this country no we had up here but actually i know we had a couple of the hells angels chapter was here but they're quiet there but do you remember do you remember the news nick not really no whatever they do they must do it goodness channel ten at night i don't know maybe they need a public relations agency but now comes word that the pagans and the and moving in on territory they've been establishing outpost here in rhode island wow didn't know that how many they get about forty nine of them were rounded up forty nine we have the budget for that over the holding them now that we have to pay for this i gotta feed forty nine of them right house them forty nine of them have to be plus now we get the court system in both unbelievable but they're up to no good this guy this guy lives near where the rage took place he said all.

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