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The pga tour these days as gotten pretty crazy guys like dustin johnson and of course prior back a number of years started pretty much by tiger woods that we have to give gary player a lot of credit for kind of starting but gary's not go out and pound the weights kinda guy he's stretches every day even to this day stretches everyday uses some light weights warms up keeps his body flexible it's very important in the golf swing and the game of golf to be as flexible as poss you want to be in good shape but you're walking over five miles a day when you're playing golf like those guys do that kind of comes along with the territory as well yeah there's so many avenues to add you know and and and everybody's a little bit different too you know so some people tend to you know go easier lighter weight more reps you know more into stretching some light to you know like to do a little bit tougher is going to be awaits and then even doing like you know dead lifts in four squads and things like everybody's a little bit different of course it depends on the trainer behalf and last but i can say on tour everybody does something now you know is it always the right thing hard to say you don't know until you try something different for a lot of guys and it's a matter of being comfortable you know a lot of them times very comfortable and then refined is that and we don't want to try anything else because we have frayed of what could happen so but in general everybody does something and it's a it's a good movement you know golf is a sport it's that was guys travel those guys you know walk five six rounds week at a minimum there's

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