High school coach says he was fired for having too many black players


Center custer county's district attorney says three recent murderer arrest or reminder that drug dealing often comes with violence kyw's suburban bureau chief jim melwert reports chester county da tom hogan says there's a common thread to three recent homicide charges for separate murders and phoenixville north coventry and dakota valeria drug dealing is inherently violent and comes with a death toll attached to it in the north country murder hogan says the victim was a seventeen year old trying to protect three children all under the age of ten from a robbery at a drug house and because he tried to protect the kids the robber's gun him down hogan says the victim in the phoenixville shooting was fifteen years old and the coatesville area shooting was a drive by after a man suspected one of the victims of stealing money and cocaine from him hogan says it's important they make an arrest before what he calls ping pong homicides happen in other words somebody gets killed over drugs and if there's not an arrest somebody else will be killed because there will be a revenge kelly at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio kyw news time one thirty four dismissal then some ugly finger pointing a cabinet county high school is now denying allegations of racism made by a recently fired teacher and athletic coach kyw's john mcdevitt tells us more big strong was a history teacher at camden catholic high school and the head coach of the football team he also coached golf strom tells cbs three eyewitness news that the school fired him because he has too many black players on his football team there have always been questions from the administration first time i started on the makeup of the team freshman that we're bringing in transfers that we bring in people that we play on the field in a written statement the school says it does not comment on personnel matters but the accusations are baseless it has any concerns about racism or racial insensitivity is taken seriously and investigated fully john mcdevitt kyw newsradio kyw news time one thirty five for them a dream achieved there nearly four dozen newly sworn american citizens after law day ceremonies in trenton this morning kyw's david madden was there each the oath of allegiance to this country received their papers.

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