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Including the port of long beach other parts of california arizona new mexico texas detroit and atlanta could be the first federal law enforcement agency to use the body cams on a large scale customs and border protection said in two thousand fifteen the cans were not suitable because of the cost technical challenges and the union would need to approve officials say a lot as evolved since two thousand fifteen erin bender kfi news texas and six other states are suing to permanently end the daca program that protects some young immigrants from deportation the states filed their lawsuit a week after a federal judge ordered the trump administration to resume the program the judge said the trump administration needs to be more clear about why it wants to end daca the brother of florida school shooter nncholas cruise has been arrested a second time zachary cruise was booked into palm beach county jail yesterday for violating terms of his probation by being within twenty five feet of a high school parking lot over the weekend he was also driving without a valid license the eighteen year old was previously arrested for trespassing at the school where his brother killed seventeen people in february pro second amendment students have a nationwide walkout planned to support gun rights the stand for the second organizers say students will leave their classrooms for sixteen minutes today in more than forty states a high school senior in new mexico says the organized the walkout because he saw news coverage about student gun control protests and thought i'm not asking for that the la county sheriff's department says the deputy has shot himself in an unintentional discharge our company station deputies was transported to a local hospital with a gunshot wound deputy joanna warren says the deputy was taken to the hospital after the accident yesterday he is expected to be okay a judge in la has dismissed sexual assault charges against a businessman who wants appeared on the reality tv show millionaire matchmaker michael byrne back denies allegations he raped three women he was arrested in two thousand fifteen prosecutors filed a motion yesterday to drop the case before the judge determine if evidence was sufficient for a trial california's sued the.

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