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How do you feel about our progress around the solar system i'm impatience really frustrating when we're so close to this issue of of really resolving this question about is there life beyond earth and the fact that we know where to go we know what to measure we have these amazing targets twenty twenty s important clippers important we need to get back to enceladus we need to get to tighten even i mike my good friends even griffin talking about potential for life in the clouds of this you know i'm not sure how how much i'm on board with that but you know all these targets it's a rich environment and over the next ten to twenty years we're going to really make such progress on this question of you know are we alone and i'm not even mentioning the cool things that the transiting exoplanet survey satellite which just got launched tests james webb coming up the next twenty years are going to be a revolution in planetary science and planetary science writ large of including planets beyond our own solar system it's exciting come to the air and space he's eum to put it into context still

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