Bryan Colangelo and Danny Ainge discussed on Science Fantastic Live with Dr. Michio Kaku


Well i think bryan colangelo could have leaked but in defense of the army of dorks he also could have made a friend he also could have befriended like i feel like ryan clan gelo it's stunning how few supporters he has bryan colangelo in this circumstance does not have anybody defending him and so when it comes to talking about the things that bryan colangelo allegedly has done we're working with a picture that's already negative like if this was danny ainge right we would be talking about this story very differently media members fans because he has a resume and because he has allies bryan colangelo he as i said to you on the walk over year he needs more people will the reason the daddy age could be at a different situation because he has allies is if daddy wanted to push the story that he had nothing to do with this which is the story of the break landlords pushing pushing was his horribly implausible there would be more people willing to ride out on the maybe danny's telling the truth program the only reason that people as of now a ride now on the maybe bryan colangelo is telling the truth program is because they find it to be so absurd that someone would do this in the first place therefore they give him the benefit of the doubt and i feel like i've been living log enough is seen enough in this world to understand if there's one thing i will never say again a nobody too stupid to do some ain't nobody too smart to do something right now no one would ever do anything that stupid no one would ever do anything that wreck somebody did something that reckless here dying i can't say he couldn't i can't say he didn't do it because nobody would out people do stuff all the time for various things on this platform that did not need to happen there is something about the fact that we are i think neurologically addicted to this stuff that i think in this case i'm not even talking about bryan colangelo i'm talking about his wife as well like why would

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