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To dangerously high levels of lead in their water critics argue the local state and federal responses to the crisis were too slow steve rappoport fox news legal barely move the needle in the number of women and minorities among its workers according to the company fifth annual diverse city report this is the deal with ongoing lawsuit over gender discrimination and arizona lawmaker is defending his comments that there aren't enough white kids in the state school arizona representative david stringer spoken to yavapai republican men's forum earlier this week tempe city councilman david shapira was also there he's a democrat running for superintendent of public instruction and he posted video of stringers remarks to his twitter page arizon minorities complicates racial integration white kids stringer says he was trying to have an honest conversation about race and wants people to listen to his full speech not just that clip he told the arizona capitol times that diversity has its advantages but there are consequences from so much immigration in such a short period of time jessica rosenthal fox news new study by the centers for disease control and prevention finds fewer us teens are smoking having sex and doing drugs these days and they're also drinking less milk the survey found less than a third of high school students drink a glass of milk a day about two decades ago it was nearly half lisa lacerra fox news radio here's the latest weather from the talk of connecticut a beautiful day today sunny skies highs in the upper seventies mostly clear tonight lows in the upper fifties partly sunny tomorrow high seventy five sunny on saturday high eighty five get the latest forecast online at talk of connecticut dot com at three pm the savage nation only on.

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