New York sues Trump, his foundation, over 'self-dealing'


A new lawsuit targets president trump has children and his charitable foundation for more than a decade the new york attorney general's office said the trump foundation has operated in persistent violation of state and federal law the lawsuit accused the president his children don jr eric ivanka of repeated and willful selfdealing and conflicting charity with politics the attorney general's office seeks to dissolve the foundation and stop the trump's from serving as a director of any other not for profit abc's and qatar ski reporting scotto police arrested two people after woman was carjacked yesterday afternoon in buck town the day y incident has some residents rattled meal of the day it's summertime our kids are out here plane i mean when's it gonna happen next is going to be my husband is going to be us suspects were arrested after they crashed that vehicle closing arguments or stretch the beginning of the trial of a man with first degree murder in the february two fourteen death of a southern illinois university student twentythreeyearold gauge buffoon of eldorado illinois is accused of striking wien barges several times and driving off which led to his death from hypothermia prosecutors believe for feeling was intoxicated when he and.

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