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All we're all conscious all the college students. They're looking at the labels and they don't wanna eat sugar and carbs, but then you buy street drug and boom, you're dead. And I'm like, dude, if a drug had a label on it and you knew what was in it and if it was regulated, it wouldn't have fennel in. It wouldn't be a, you know, it wouldn't have adult or ensign contaminant is not nearly as fun as being drunk being completely honest Kellyanne. She doesn't have experience this. I'm not. I'm not trying to falter. It's not her fault that she doesn't have background in public health. If your job is to speak in public, you have to know what you're talking about ideas for things. I will. I get. Yeah, yes. You should just not be. It's just not talk. She should not about anything. The only quote Kellyanne, Conway said that I actually agreed with is when she said someone asked her like, how, how can you do it? All you have four kids on TV every single day. She goes, you know, it's because unlike men, I don't have a mistress. So I have time to do my work. And I was like. Points. Kellyanne you. That's the only time you'll hear me say kudos at all, go. Dyson. So Kellyanne gotten enough free time on our airwaves. She gets no more of that. We talk about the baseline in our theme music. I don't think we've ever talked about it on the show I think is kind of pop in. I think we need to do a live event just so we can like walk on stage with that music because I mean, it's kinda crispy. I like it. There's that weird like jazz, flute. Plan out, especially the tro- that we do plan out everything from the intro to the out tro and my voice over and Jeffries voiceover. I actually sent it to Chartres. I was like, yo, I wanted to some like a porn. So every time you hear the into it comes specific. I will spend maybe five minutes and I don't charge you for that time to make it just right and sound Porrini. It's it's so much fun for me. I spend a lot of time on that. It shows. I hope you're preciado that I always there. There is a timing. Listen to deffers out tro. It's so sexy. Yeah, right. Right? So that's what you know. Kind of keeps us on our toes because we're surrounded by professionals, and you know if you haven't noticed this has been a clinic on the interviewee, interviewing the interviewers Zo turned yes, I should just finally plug to tell the bartender you guys are actually going to be guests. It's a storytelling show. It's been on for six years. There's so many stories. You guys just have a blast and the struggle bus, which is weekly is an advice show, and we talk about mental health self care. I have a co host Sally tomorrow, and it was amazing people right into the questions. We have banter. It's funny serious. We get some really serious topics, and basically we just remind everyone were not professionals and everyone should go to therapy. But in the interim of that, we give out some good advice and your own Twitter to Recco where can focus on you on Twitter p. k. h. e. l. l. e. r. that Twitter handle. I'm also Katherine Hallard dot com. Hire me for anything. Yes, hot casting voice over acting work, vote, christenings do it. All. It looks up teasing the folks. We hear that outgrow Tommy Catherine, thank you so much for joining us, Catherine, thank you. Everything that you do for the show. Thank you for being you and on behalf of my tag team partner, dirt Rosenfeld. Stay classy, Catherine. Drugs and stuff is brought to you by the drug policy alliance. If you like, what you hear in the podcast favorite rate, the show on I tunes gave it five stars and a nice review. Also, we'd love to hear from you, tweeted us at drugs and stuff DP use the hashtag drugs and stuff, and check out our website, drug policy dot org to see the other work me Do Son for emails and donate special. Thanks to our producer, Katherine Heller and the hardworking staff of the drug policy alliance for all of their work. Thanks for listening.

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