Playbook: Mueller probing whether Trump pressured Sessions to engage in Russia investigation


Springfield emerald empire quick prep for kim summit roseanne barr blames pills i'm evan haning rapidfire diplomacy is under way ahead of what's now being called an expected summit between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong own correspondent paula hancocks says kim yong coal is reportedly on his way to the us to meet with secretary of state mike pompeo talks behind the scenes that back channels and of course the delegations meeting here has made some progress it would suggest that for kim jong into agreed to actually send such a high ranking official to the united states and for the us secretary of state mike pompeo to feel that it's worth his while to meet with him missouri governor eric writings has resigned correspondent ryan young reports the forty four year old i term governor who had been a rising star in the republican party is leaving the job amid accusations stemming from an extramarital affair with a hairdresser ex husband came forward and said they were had an affair and then when you listen to the tape she talks about the fact that she was tied up during when he talked about doing a perfect pull up and during this picture was taken and that will picture was going to be used against her if she ever came forward about this affair house oversight chairman trey goudy tells fox news he is now more convinced the fbi acted appropriately in its handling of the russia investigation president trump himself in the komi members said if anyone connected with my campaign was working with russia i want you to investigate it and it sounds to me like that is exactly what the fbi did abc tv has pulled the plug on roseanne bar's new show correspondent brian stelter says the network made the decision quickly after bar issued a series of insensitive tweets including a racist one bar has spent years posting derogatory material online recently she falsely accused the survivor of the parkland massacre of giving a nazi salute at a protest that was based on a doctor votto bar blames her tweet on the sleeping pill ambien i'm evan haning so here's a great question how much would you save if you joined medishare for your healthcare program.

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