Trump wants to push German carmakers out of U.S.: German magazine


Cooler sunday mid sixties i'm meteorologist ken boone from the weather channel on seven ten w o fortyseven it's our time right now let's get to the sports news big win for the mets as they beat the braves last night five times the mets bullpen suffered defeats on their most recent road trip but a big defensive play help stop that trend fastball hit hard on the ground torch short diving stop by rissole flips the second one the first target double six four three and that retires four one and finish a trip that often felt disastrous three and five too bad the cubs come to town for four starting tonight mets on at six o five here on seven ten wr on pete mccarthy luis severino pitch the yankees will five three win over houston he lounges to run over seven innings and struck out eleven hockey the capital's beat the vegas golden knights three two so the stanley cup finals are tied down a game a piece let's check the business news here the futures pointing to a lower start this morning dow futures down twenty nine nasdaq futures are down six s and p down three yesterday the dow gained three hundred six points the nasdaq was up sixty six points snp gained thirty four the european markets are mixed in the early trading how about this german magazine says president trump wants to block german luxury carmakers from the us market they cite the several unnamed european and us diplomats that trump made the comment last month to the french president emmanuel macron magazine says trump told macron in april that he would stick to his trade policy to keep cars like mercedesbenz from rolling down fifth avenue in new york earlier this month the trump administration opened a trade investigation into whether vehicle imports a damage the us auto industry which could lead to tariffs of up to.

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