Film producer Weinstein indicted for rape: New York prosecutor


And i'm richard hake on wnyc in new york a grand jury indicted harvey weinstein for rape and for forcing a woman to perform oral sex manhattan da cyrus van says the indictment brings the disgraced movie mogul another step closer to accountability weinstein's indictment yesterday came just hours after his lawyer said he would not testify before the grand jury because there wasn't enough time to prepare him weinstein has repeatedly denied any nonconsensual sexual encounters and his attorney claims that one of the women accusing weinstein of rape was in a consensual relationship both before and after the alleged attack acting new york attorney general barbara underwood says the offices marching full steam ahead under her leadership the state's newly confirmed attorney general held her first public media event yesterday following the resignation of former attorney general eric schneiderman earlier this month in the immediate aftermath of hearing the news everyone was stunned but we very quickly look started looking forward schneiderman step down on may eight hours after news broke that he allegedly abused multiple women underwood says she will serve out the remainder of the current term and does not plan to run for election to the post in the fall just seven percent of new york city's public schools have cameras located nearby to catch speeding motorists the mayor wants to change that wnyc's zoe azoulay reports if you're driving over the speed limit in a school zone with a speed camera you'll get a ticket in the mail for fifty dollars city officials say these fines have been effective in slowing traffic nair de and wants to double the number of schools down with cameras but that decision is up to the state legislature and the deadline is this summer if all but he doesn't act hundreds of thousands of children will be endanger the mayor's office say there's bipartisan support their opponents including democratic senator sympathetic there say that speak cameras are just a way to fill government coffers we do have a forty percent chance of some showers today patchy fog this morning otherwise cloudy with a high near sixty eight degrees this is wnyc this is morning edition from npr news i'm david green and i'm rachel martin there's one question parents rarely answer truthfully.

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