Asian stocks off to a mixed start


Flash a very pleasant monday morning to you seventeen minutes past six o'clock here morning in hong kong i'm bryan curtis along with rashad salama looking at these markets asian futures i guess you'd have to say are mostly higher little modest setback for the nikkei as down thirty five points at twenty two thousand five oh five at roughly where we closed on friday and cash market prompts just to ten points you so lower so we'll keep an eye on that we also have snp many's down a little bit down about a tenth of one percent but for the most part otherwise china hong kong australian futures all pointing to the upside have the turkish lira strengthening about one percent this morning our time as president to claim victory in the turkish elections and lifted some of the political uncertainty there that had been a drag on the markets china will cut some of the banks reserve ratio requirements by half a percentage point that's effective july fifth that will free up more than one hundred billion dollars worth of of liquidity move designed to support smaller companies and also the scmp reports that china does not plan to target us firms with trade reprisal actions on oil saudi arabia said that opec would bring a real output increase of close to a million barrels a day so that went beyond the opec agreement that we'd heard on friday suggesting something closer to six hundred thousand barrels oil price now sixty eight forty four a barrel and that is down about two tenths of one percent gold at twelve seventy one yield on the tenure two point eight nine percent eighteen and a half minutes past the hour let's get a news update ed baxter's in san francisco and has all the latest ed all right bryan thank you research tie of turkey's longestserving rulers claiming voters mandate air john says he failed to reach target and parliament us president donald trump says when immigrants enter the us should be sent home without judges or asylum hearing saying that he doesn't want an invasion us fence secretary james mattis visits bay jiang this week he's accusing charlie has accused china of intimidation and coercion and the south china sea malaysian prime minister masahiro mohamed is seeking to renegotiate a long standing water supply agreement with singapore also taking shots at china and the us over the weekend south korea based u s troops moved one hundred wooden coffins just north of the border preparing for a maine's a possibly two hundred two hundred fifty american service people to be brought to.

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