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Welcome to the tom shillue show lou hate sitting in poor tom happy to be here along with teams shillue matt is here josh is here and we invite you to be part of the team eight three three eight five two four eight six six the word of the day intolerant and the synonym that goes along with the word of the day liberals that's what we have going on here it was a bad weekend a bad late part of last week but a truly a bad weekend for civility it started off with kirsten nielsen being heckled in a mexican restaurant and then driven out of there we had pam bondi the attorney general of the great state of florida where i reside in sit right now being heckled and yelled at violently she was on fox and friends this morning talking about how huge men were getting interface like an inch from her nose screaming at her this is due during the mr rogers movie unbelievable and of course sarah huckabee sanders along with six other members of her family asked to leave the red hen restaurant in lexington virginia civility is gone and i have to say this i i tip my hat to secretary nielsen a white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and the florida florida attorney general pam bondi for taking one for the team and what i mean by that is the american team the republican american team and i have to say this i say take one for the team is because i love this i love this no i don't like the lack of civility i don't like that women are being stalked and harassed and berated with curse words and and feeling know their safety is in danger i don't like that but from a political standpoint keep on doing it folks those on the left keep on doing it maxine waters calling for people to stock and chastise and go after trump staffers if they see them in department stores if they see them in restaurants i have said many times keep on talking maxine many people get mad at these things and i have to admit i was irked i am a human being but many people want to shut these people down no that is what the left us we are about free speech this helps in my humble opinion.

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