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These are institutions these washington institutions that trump is fighting they're responsible for what took place thirty years before twenty years before so he comes in and his attorney general company comes in and they say we're gonna enforce this you come in here you come in here illegally then you claim asylum we're going to have to separate you from your kid after twenty days because that's the court ruling oh no no no no you can't do that no no no no why not obama did well he didn't do it the same way he didn't do it on the same dates he did they they weren't looking at it this way they were looking at it that way so much for their morality so much for their consistency but obama didn't have zero tolerance he had like fifty percent tolerance oh so wait fifty percent concentration camps so is it all right to call obama fifty percent hitler of course not and how is it the jay johnson escaped protests when he was at mexican restaurants how is it that nobody knows where he lives this is a war on the civil society this is a war on the rule of law you know now a homeland security is having to warn its employees to be careful out there don't wear any insignia that identifies you as part of a law enforcement wing of dhs now we've been here before just a few years ago when our police officers were being slain two three four ten at a time when the same leftists in politics and in the media were trashing the cops now there trashing ice and dhs attacking law and order because in order to bring us to the promised land ladies and gentlemen in order to impose on us this utopian type of country this paradise you must destroy that which is and by the way as i have argued and i will like progressivism is a pseudo ideology that's why when a government exercises it as aggressively as the communist do and the marxist and so forth it destroys human beings it starves human beings it creates darkness bleakness you've name it it rejects history to rejects experience it is a pseudo ideology in the the fact is here when you go back to basics the entire point of immigration is to improve the country and at the will on behalf of the american people the citizenry the progressive leftist turned it upside down you the citizen you're a racist you the citizen you're like hitler this guy douche whatever his name is on msl st on the morning schmo show every one of you is like a nazi guard every single one of you whatever happened oh by the way the defense is well look trump has been nasty and trump tweets out and trump does this and trump does that really so you're gonna call people hitler including sixty or seventy million american people you're gonna call us hitler you're gonna say we've concentration camps and internment camps first lady laura bush sinks to that level bob corker i'm sorry people disgust me the the quiet all during the obama administration or they're buddies with bill clinton when we had these quote unquote concentration camps and internment camps at separating children from adults i understand the election of donald trump is upset these people i understand i really do some of the nastiest people attacking donald trump served and george w bush's administration one of the clowns was on msnbc the other day maybe it was today attacking sarah sanders well you know if you're gonna lie constantly the american people doesn't society have a right threeact society i believe it was a restaurant and she's not lying to the american people i'll be right back lovin remember it's twelve fifty w tma the big talker are you or someone you love.

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