U.S. Supreme Court rules on gerrymandering


Maxine waters she's a congresswoman it feels like she has been around forever seventy nine years old since ninety one twenty seven years as a representative the big complaint about donald trump is he stokes that the other thing and we have called donald trump on everything he's done made fun of a disabled person they say he did that's a lie and i'd say it to his face made fun of john mccain and his war record he's made fun of women in their faces he's done one hell of a job of doing that we've called them up on all that last year steve scalise was shot almost died by some scumbag i think the guy killed himself right or the police kill him i don't even remember so tempers flaring maxine waters it my estimation go look at her video incited violence not that she's gonna be the violent one but pam bondi the jian florida had people right in her face at a movie theater sarah sanders were kicked out of a restaurant to me you know what if the restroom wants to kick her out so be it of course they're gonna pay a penalty and they're gonna lose business but when people go and threaten and getting people's face fingers in the face looking vicious somebody is going to be dead and you know what the problem with maxine waters as you know who's going to end up dying one of the people that are threatening somebody in the cabinet you know why every one of these cabinet people have secret service and if they did they have it now and if they think this threat of life and injury they're going to act and somebody's gonna die because maxine waters decided to enable these people by telling them getting people's faces get pissed get mad yell scream show up at their house we're the dining where they're going where they're walking all these complaints about trump i agree with a lot of them for me pale in comparison to this imbecile.

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