In royal first, Prince William visiting Israel and 'occupied Palestinian territories'


News time to nineteen up to seventy degrees now in boston a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the day because see the occasional shower through the afternoon commute with a high in the lower seventies we'll check traffic and weather together in just about three minutes here on wbz but first our top stories a breaking today in somerville on the last piece of a long awaited extension of the green line governor baker also speaking out after his son is accused of inappropriately touching a jet blue passenger on board a flight from dc to boston the governor acknowledges the accusations against his son or serious he says son is cooperating with the investigation and on capitol hill house republicans working on a separate immigration bill that would solely address family separations at the border the gop lawmakers says this comes after they struggled over the weekend to find consensus on a broader immigration plan on wall street the dow jones down three hundred fifty five points the nasdaq down one hundred eighty two and the sp five hundred is down forty four in other news a british royal is making a historic visit to the middle east prince william has begun the first official visit to the holy land by a member of the british royal family the royals have tried to steer clear of the mideast conflict so william will be walking political tight rope as he visits both israel and the west bank the british have already ruffled some feathers here in israel by describing williams visit to jerusalem's old city as part of the occupied palestinian territories robert berger cbs news jerusalem looks like european sanctions against russia will remain in place for now the us foreign policy chief says russia has not done enough to respect a peace agreement in ukraine and would justify lifting eu sanctions at the end of next month the eu and post those sanctions back in two thousand fourteen after russia annexed ukraine's crimean peninsula the foreign ministers of russia ukraine france and germany met this month to talk about how to end the fighting between ukrainian troops and russianbacked separatists in eastern ukraine more than ten thousand people have been killed in that conflict wbz news time at two twenty two woman from arizona now calling out walgreens pharmacist there she says would not give her a prescription to end her pregnancy nicole arteaga says her doctor prescribed the medication after it became clear she was going to have a miscarriage she says the pharmacist told her he couldn't fill it for ethical reasons reasons cbs's ricky climbing looks at laws around the country we do have are the six states like arizona need not fill you have a conscience or refusal clause seven states where you do not have to fill but you cannot obstruct the woman's right to go get medication so that would be like a transfer or different pharmacists and then you only have eight states where you must provide arteaga says she got her prescription a day later at a different walgreens please breaking news recorded in the highest esteem among its peers get the news about through edward r murrow award defended knock you'll your best newscast their emotional breaking news apps chusetts president a second tester lana jones accurate balanced group award wall simply one place newswatch never stops wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time.

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