South Carolina congressional candidate seriously injured in car crash

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim hawk vice-president, Mike Pence says, expressing condolences to the family of a woman killed in a car crash on Friday night that also seriously injured a Republican congressional candidate from South Carolina and PR Serra mccamman says Pence made the comments while campaigning for governor Henry McMaster who faces a runoff, election on Tuesday state Representative Katie airing ten is best known for her successful pro-trump primary campaign against South Carolina. Congressman Mark Sanford Errington was seriously injured in the crash outside Charleston. The sixty nine year old woman driving the other car was killed at a rally near Myrtle Beach vice President. Mike Pence said he'd spoken with airing tons husband, rob. He informed me that Katie sustained serious serious injuries that are going to require additional surgery might be in the hospital for the next couple of weeks that rob told me that Katie. Errington spirit is strong heads praised Errington democratic opponent. Joe Cunningham for suspending his campaign in the aftermath of the accident Serra mccamman NPR news more than twenty House Democrats toured immigrant attention facilities in south Texas, congressman, Jim Himes of Connecticut went to a center in mcallen near the US Mexico border and described the kids covered by emergency blankets. None of the people that we saw emerged from those little bounds of filter Mylar criminals. They were scared little girls. The children had been separated from their parents due to the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy. A senior administration official says around five hundred immigrant children have been reunited with their families, a centralize reunification processes still being setup. Meanwhile, House Republicans, delayed vote on immigration reform until next week. A bipartisan group of Latino leaders is forming a national commission. On the upcoming twenty twenty census NPR's Honsi lo Wong reports. New question about citizenship is a major concern along with the chance that it will discourage voter, turnout among Latinos. The commission was announced at a conference of the national association of Latino elected appointed officials allay oh, it'll be shared by both California, secretary of state, Alex Padilla who stayed is suing to get a new census citizenship question removed and Lubi Navarro board member of Miami Dade County public schools Navarro lead average efforts in the Miami area. For the last census she says, the new citizenship question will discourage many non citizens from participating. If heard the fear that many of their families and friends have had when their parents have been separated because they've been deported back to their countries. So we're dealing in a very different time in twenty ten. The Trump administration has said it added the citizenship question to get better data for enforcing the Voting Rights Act on long NPR news Phoenix, Arizona. You're listening to NPR news in Washington. A Catholic priest who was once one of the Vatican's top diplomats in the US is going to jail for possessing and distributing child pornography NPR. Sylvia Jolie reports Vatican court handed down its first such conviction, Saturday, senior Kataoka bed was sentenced to five years in prison. He had admitted to viewing images during what he called a period of fragility and interior crisis caused by his posting to the Vatican mission in Washington. He appealed for leniency saying the incident was a bump in the road of his priestly vocation, but tribunal president Giuseppe della Toyota said, cappella continued to access the material even after he had been recalled by the Vatican last August that was after the US State Department inform the holy sea of Capellas possible violation of US child pornography laws, the Vatican turn down a US request to waive Capellas diplomatic immunity. So he could be prosecuted in a US court. So people Jolie NPR news. President Trump traveled to Nevada Saturday in a bid to aid Senator dean Heller and his reelection battle and used a new disparaging nickname for Hellers opponent. Trump dubbed democratic congresswoman, Jackie Rosen wacky Jackie during a speech Saturday on Twitter, Rosen shot back, asking Trump is that the best you've got women in Saudi Arabia can legally drive for the first time after the world's last remaining ban on women driving was lifted on Sunday for decades. Saudi women had to rely on their husbands. Fathers brothers and hired drivers to run basic errands, get to work or even drop kids off at school. I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington support for this NPR podcast, and the following message come from Comcast business from their fast, reliable internet on their advanced gig speed network to their twenty four, seven support. Comcast business is committed to helping power businesses every day, visit Comcast, business dot com to learn more.

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