Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against Trump and Michael Cohen to be delayed


A cumulus station now on amazon alexa opened the host skill delay in stormy daniels case voter id law survives challenge i'm christopher cruise federal judge in los angeles has ordered a delay in a lawsuit by adult film performer stormy daniels against president trump and his lawyer michael cohen correspondent sara signer says daniels lawyer michael avenue is going to fight the order avenue ati stormy daniels layer has tweeted and has put out a statement says while we certainly respected judge otero ninety day stay order based on mr collins pleading the fifth we do not agree with it we will likely be filing an immediate appeal to the ninth circuit early next week justice delayed is justice denied hashtag boss that he's been using that hashtag quite a bit in boston for your information if you are not italian don't speak italian means enough a federal appeals court has clear the way for a controversial texas voter id to take affect a two to one route linked by a panel of judges on the fifth us circuit court of appeals upheld the law requiring a photo id reversing a lower court decision north korean state media is praising the historic summit between north and south korea correspondent paula hancocks in seoul reports south koreans are seeing a side of the north korean leader they had never seen before sunlight spoken to said that it was quite tricky to to reconcile the kim jong that they saw on friday with the one that they had been reading about and hearing a buys for many years on twitter just moments ago president wrote just had a long and very good talk with president moon of south korea things are going very well time and location of meeting with north korea is being set in three earlier messages mr trump called former director of national intelligence james clapper a lying machine who now works for fake news cnn and he called for the resignation of senator jon tester trump is angry about allegations tester made against admiral ron jackson who has withdrawn from consideration as va secretary i'm christopher cruise let's get a check on the roads on talk radio five.

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