Britain ‘considering rival’ to EU Galileo satellite project


Committee says it found no evidence that the trump campaign colluded with russia in the two thousand sixteen presidential race which i knew anyway no coordination no nothing it's a witch hunt the president was eager to embrace the panel's conclusions it was totally conclusive strong powerful and he suggested examining the clinton campaign's role in russian meddling so maybe somebody ought to look at that democrats don't agree with the committee's finding arguing that not enough evidence was gathered greg clugston the white house the parents of a terminally ill british toddler who's case to attention for pope francis and others around the world say they are heartbroken their saunas died kate james and tom evans said on facebook that twenty three month old alfie evans who had an incurable degenerative brain condition and was at the center of a legal battle over his treatment passed away this morning it ecoli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce is sick and more people in more states the centers for disease control and prevention announced friday that ninety eight people in twenty two states have now been sickened by a food poisoning outbreak linked to romaine lettuce invest gators blame the coli bacteria outbreak on product grown in the yuma arizona region but they haven't pinned it down yet cdc investigator matthew wise people still not eat any type of remain unless they know for sure it does not come from the growing region eight of the ninety eight cases have been traced to harrison farms in yuma but the fda is looking at two dozen other farms that may be tied to the oldest mike rossier washington a slow day on wall street to end the week on friday with the dow down eleven the nasdaq was up one point more from townhall dot com you know you can get tremendous pain relief benefits with relieffactor without any of the negative side effects.

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