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I don't think suspension was extended also this half hour the rolling stones are going on tour again they talked to the bbc about runins with donald trump how samy being a rockstar really tom brady else in my life it's limiting really fifty so it's very close to where existence hello this is kathy clugston with the bbc news fresh protests against israel are expected today in the palestinian territories on the seventieth anniversary of what palestinians call the number or catastrophe you allow nell is in jerusalem there's a very high chance of course of renewed violence particularly along the israel gaza border the funerals of those dozens of people who were killed in the protests have to take place some of them are for children we're told that the baby was also killed after inhaling tear gas and i think after those funerals take place that's going to drive a lot of the mourners back towards the protest comes along the border because anyway today is traditional data of protests in the palestinian calendar it's the day of that catastrophe as they see it and this is when they remember how when the state of israel was created in one thousand nine hundred forty eight hundreds of thousands of palestinians were expelled or fled from their homes on land that became part of this state of israel the taliban have launched a coordinated attack on the province provincial capital of farah in western afghanistan with parts of the city reported to have fallen and people fleeing in panic elia atrophy reports friedberg tower head off the farrah provincial council told the bbc heavy fighting was continuing between the afghan forces and palestine insurgents mr bush tower said i've gone forces stationed there needed immediate support eyewitnesses said the taliban have captured the provincial office of the national security directorate there are also reports that the deputy chief of police has been killed fighting is now ongoing five hundred meters from the police headquarters witnesses also tell of for real panic amongst the people as everyone tries to leave the city the open society foundation funded by the billionaire george soros says it's closing its office in hungary and relocating to berlin the organization which funds civil society project gets blamed its decision on what it called an increasingly repressive political and legal environment in hungary the.

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