SnakePit Round Table: He’s baaaack...


Pitching arm that soon finds himself playing for a major league baseball team as stupid as the stupid as the he fell and broke his arm in the tendons rehill toots i is it's gotta be better than my my tumor that makes me good at pitching bump my strange question bump by call it oh my god it's okay that was my question it definitely talks right and was voiced by jimmy stewart or something i looking at one of the variations of the poster for it and it's riggins bump featuring brooklyn dodgers so that's cool year for the brooklyn dodgers and a good year for the movie when you have to advertise the fact that you trick the baseball team to being in it that was that was a least we've ever answered a question let's move on i can't stop thinking about the phrase rookie trump ruggie's bump my movie i'm sorry sir but the outlive doesn't look good it seems like you have rookies bump not wriggles bob how long do i have like three weeks but they're going to be three really fun major league weeks i want to do a sequel to release bump and it's the same thing but the kid hates baseball wanted i don't wanna do that dr well could hear my strange cure

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