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Of course they're praying that this'll be a disaster they you know what bill they've already got the stories printed out about a month ago and got it ready to go john about a month ago when trump said we might have the meeting pelosi criticized him for having a meeting none about ten days ago when he said had that letter we're not going to have the meeting pelosi criticize him for not having a meeting and then now we're having a meeting sometime on tuesday now she's curtis ising for having the meeting it's like well l belt what is it you know there's a things that there's a saying about you can't please some of the people all the time there's a story about that well in this case you know trump can't please any of the democratic any other time when most of the democratic party wants to country to fail when bill maher says he prays we have an economic catastrophe when bill maher is rooting for depression and for war because that represents with the democrats won when they say the country to hell we got to get rid of trump they don't want the country to succeed we got a major your problem but at the same time any african american or woman who dares to think for themselves and look at the platform of the democrat party and say this doesn't fit quite right no they are look what they did to kim kardashian west yeah there you go children jason whitlock on fox sports and others clearly point out that the democratic party has done nothing for urban blacks in the past half a century can you objectively look at the status in which you find yourself in the twentieth thirty largest cities of education crime job creation and look what the democratic party is done in the major cities and you're thinking wow we need more of that so africanamerican conservatives will say show me and tell me what the democratic party done for us and what's the answer.

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