New York, Aleppo and Democratic Party discussed on Jennifer Ross and Bill Adams


If david dinkins estate as the mayor of new york it would look like chicago i mean there are parts of new york looking like aleppo and so what the democratic party i'm thinking tell me again what the democratic party has done for black americans can you tell me they kept them down that's what they've done i look at public education and in san francisco or los angeles or austin or tampa or memphis or baltimore cincinnati oh bill what education kasich washing it's awful terrible that's why so many people are doing home schooling plus there's no job creation crime is rampant taxes are through the roof and that's what the democratic party has done kinda like venezuela which is a socialistic catastrophe but the media won't cover venezuela what you go shabas and madero and their predecessors have done to that country is despicable but the new york times will cover it because that's the best example of socialism failure and they won't cover

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