Police: Gunman holds 4 kids hostage after shooting Orlando officer


A gunman holding four kids hostage in orlando the standoff began when officers responded to a domestic dispute a woman accusing her boyfriend of hitting her i heard shots gunshots thought about that at some point there was an exchange of gunfire one officer who shot is a very serious significant injury police say the suspect five year old gary lindsey junior then barricaded himself with four children inside ranging in age from eleven to a one year old abc's gio benitez reporting he says he appreciates changes that have already been made and hoping progress can happen a little more quickly how plushest father talked to city council this morning changes are being implemented at the nine one one call center aimed at preventing another tragedy like the failed response to kyle plush is call for help we would love things to move a lot quicker but at the same time we understand that there are a lot of parties involved here the key here is that we are moving in the right direction the teens father ron plush found his son dead nearly six hours after the first of two nine one one calls were made by kyle on april tenth two independent reviews of the teen's death are also underway today those reports are due out this fall alison wyant into news radio seven hundred wwl wwl's meanwhile city council's budget and finance committee along with hamilton county commissioners earlier today both backing the cincinnati symphony as the group that should develop a new concert venue at.

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