Kurt Schlichter's Unvarnished Look at the Conservative Movement


Makes a statement the other day. He said, look at what the, he said, I've hated everything they've done. He said, but look at what the Democrats did with a 50 50 Senate. He said they passed all of this stuff because they stuck together. He said, we don't ever do that. He said, we've got to push it to the edge so that we get what we want. And everybody just got to basically what he was saying is everybody just needs to suck it up. And realize that we're here to make change not to get along. Well, yeah. I mean, that's going to take a much bigger majority. Majority. We're split down the middle. And I got to get McConnell credit for keeping the 50 people together. I mean, he keeps coalition from Susan Collins all the way up to Josh hawley together almost all the time. So he should get some credit for that, but you know, he's got to wake up too, and he's got to get he's got to get his old get his step back because he's kind of losing it lately. I mean, getting rolled by Schumer like that was just, what are you doing?

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