Charlie Chats With Anonymous Genius “Kane” of Citizen Free Press


I'm sure many of you have noticed in the last couple years how drudge report has just become a left wing rag. It's unreadable. I used to go to drudge all the time. I don't go anymore. There's a new website, though, that is surging in traffic. They do a wonderful job of aggregation and staying on top of the news. It is citizen free press dot com. They're I have to tell you traffic is unbelievable lately. And the man behind citizen free press is someone just called Kane. You could call him Citizen Kane. He stays anonymous so that the left doesn't screw with him and that he's able to continue to operate the website freely to give an idea. Susan free press had a 169 million page views in the month of July. That is more than Politico, The Wall Street Journal Huffington Post, NBC News, TMZ, CBS News Daily Beast, ABC News, and more. And the man behind citizen free press, who is just called Kane. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana, and moraine anonymous for many reasons, of which I fully support, joins us right now. Citizen Kane, who runs citizen free press, how are you? Welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Thanks, Charlie. Glad to be here. And yeah, I'll touch on that a little bit. Look, from day one, I wanted to avoid any interaction with David Brock and media manner. And it's only grown in the last 5 years since I've been running the site, so it helps to stay anonymous. And somehow I've been able to do it for 5 and a half years. No one has no one listening has ever recognized that photo. Those are the colonnade of Thomas Jefferson's lawn in Charlottesville at the University of Virginia. So that's actually a reunion photo. So I'm a graduate of the University of Virginia. And used to be a progress grad, but in the new woke UVA, not so proud.

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