The Infamous Lost Suitcases of Lawrence Walsh


And I was handling the representation of then the former attorney general Edward meese the iron countryman And as I was doing my research and over the transom came information That the independent counsel at that time Lawrence Walsh who was a real hateful in my view diabolical individual since deceased That he violated the espionage act Among other laws Here's a man who took the most secret classified information involving a foreign country As well as grand jury information put it in two suitcases mister producer As he was flying from Washington D.C. to the West Coast to question then president Reagan Checked those two suitcases as luggage And when he landed at LAX guess what The two suitcases never came out They came out on the carousel that goes round and round in your waiting They waited and they waited and nothing happened It was all secret and under the radar The FBI went on a secret mission for two weeks to find those documents You know where they found them mister producer They never did

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