Russell Wilson Booed by Seahawks Fans


I did not see the game on Monday night with the Seahawks and the Broncos. Were you surprised that Russell Wilson got booed in Seattle? I was surprised, but I wasn't shocked, I guess, is the way I would put it. All the stories started coming out about, I don't know, it was kind of an organized campaign, these stories start coming out right before the game and the fans obviously there are legions to the team and not to the players. I think what shocked me more than anything was, it seemed like he don't got no friends. Y'all. It's so weird for somebody who is not an ass. You know, I could see why people would be like, hey cool, I don't really mess with them, but I feel like people actually actively don't like him, which is like, I don't know. I don't quite get it. Yo, so a couple things there. One, what I took from them booing him was the fans don't view him as being responsible for the Super Bowl in the ways that fans typically associate with a quarterback. I mean, they have been in quarterback heaven basically for the last ten years by having him, right? It's very hard to have that sort of thing. It's very rare that you got a situation like that. And normally, even if there's beef, this kind of a man, we want a Super Bowl. We had a great run with you, right? We gonna clap to support that one. Nope, they went on the booze thing, even if he wanted to be traded, right? Keeping in mind that the Seahawks wanted to trade him, which is its own fascinating story again because they were in quarterback heaven and they were still like nah, dog. We don't want no parts of this right here. Like, that part surprised me, but the bigger part, I think is what you touched on is I've never seen a player, not even Jay Cutler, right? Who you played with? Never seen a dude where everybody that seemed to be at least part of a certain era was just down on him. Doug Baldwin, all that money you got, got a lot to do with playing with Russell Wilson. He had something to say. Richard Sherman, we're not surprised because we had heard this from all those legion of boom guys as far back as it went and you're right. Russell's not an ass, but what seems clear to me, right? And you tell me if I'm wrong here, I was having a conversation with my good buddy, David Dennis, because I saw him all around the horn. And his argument was basically that the dudes think Russell is corny, and since they think he's corny, they come in at him, and I'm like, no, no, no, no, no. This isn't the way people like when they think you corny, this is the way people act when they think you phony.

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