Panarin lifts Rangers past Penguins 4-3 in OT in Game 7


R. R. R. R. Tenney Tenney Tenney Tenney ten ten ten ten Aaron Aaron Aaron Aaron scored scored scored scored a a a a power power power power play play play play goal goal goal goal for for for for forty forty forty forty six six six six into into into into overtime overtime overtime overtime to to to to give give give give the the the the Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers a a a a four four four four three three three three win win win win over over over over the the the the penguins penguins penguins penguins because because because because a a a a band band band band of of of of genesis genesis genesis genesis that that that that on on on on the the the the game game game game winner winner winner winner after after after after providing providing providing providing the the the the tying tying tying tying goal goal goal goal with with with with five five five five forty forty forty forty five five five five remaining remaining remaining remaining in in in in regulation regulation regulation regulation we we we we want want want want this this this this isn't isn't isn't isn't done done done done and and and and I I I think think think this this this has has has been been been our our our team team team all all all year year year no no no matter matter matter how how how the the the game game game goes goes goes whatever whatever whatever happens happens happens we we we we we we stick stick stick together together together we we we work work work to to to banish banish banish it it it had had had three three three points points points in in in the the the game game game seven seven seven clincher clincher clincher giving giving giving him him him seven seven seven over over over the the the final final final two two two games games games Chris Chris Chris Kreider Kreider Kreider K. K. K. Andrea Andrea Andrea Miller Miller Miller also also also scored scored scored and and and Igor Igor Igor Shuster Shuster Shuster can can can made made made forty forty forty two two two saves saves saves Evan Evan Evan Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez gave gave gave Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh a a a three three three two two two lead lead lead with with with a a a shorthanded shorthanded shorthanded goal goal goal late late late in in in the the the second second second period period period the the the Rangers Rangers Rangers will will will head head head to to to Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh for for for game game game one one one of of of their their their second second second round round round series series series with with with the the the hurricanes hurricanes hurricanes I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

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