Jack Posobiec Visits to Discuss the Alex Jones Cancellation Arc


Is here to kind of help us do a little postgame, Jack, what'd you think? Well, Charlie, I thought it was really interesting the way Alex came in kind of weaved everything through and you certainly got him to express his take on not just the Trump raid or his own trial, but so many things that are going on. And really gave us a Tapestry of looking at at least, you know, through his lens where we're where we're going and I appreciate the fact that, you know, we always know there's two sides to every story, right? And whether we can agree with one or the other and say, well, this is wrong or this is right. We ought to at least have the airing out of that. And that's the point of having these public platforms. And that's the point of having freedom of speech. But what I thought was interesting is that Alex didn't spend the time beleaguering his case or whining about himself or complaining about what he's being put through. I mean, he took the fight directly to the front line and said, this is about a regime and a global cabal that isn't just after him, it's actually after every single one of us because they want to make us these emasculated just satiated insectoids that are just following along, seeing whatever the next streaming thing is on Netflix and then not actually taking action and human agency. And I think you could see that in his own way, right? In his own way, he runs to he wants to feel like he's helping people and he wants to do the right thing. This isn't a guy who they were they tried to portray him as, oh, you just care about the money and you're just a sell out and all this. And I don't know. That's not the sense I got.

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