The Story of Eight Lab Mice


What do you think about the recent news that the vaccine was approved, a vaccine was approved by only testing them on 8 mice. I don't quite understand it. Yeah, I was just kind of reading this story. It's extraordinary. And apparently, one of the vaccines and again, I want to make sure I get this precise because we have a commitment to the truth here on this program. Is one of the vaccines was approved. By only testing the boosters on mice and not on humans. So instead of a set of three blind mice, we have 8 mice that are dictating whether or not we take vaccines or not. Play cut one O three. We're going to do revoke all of their license, revoke the license of 40% of rural pediatricians or myself who wants to see more data about something like the new omicron specific vaccine that yesterday just got magically authorized by the FDA based on 8 mice and no publicly available clinical data in humans. That's how they authorized it. The purpose of science is to challenge orthodoxy and dog money. That's how science advances, and that's exactly what was banned in this bill that governor Newsom may sign at any moment. So apparently we're learning that the vaccine was approved on 8 mice trials. We've been trying to warn people about this and we were laughed at and scoffed at the way they're going to pivot is they're going to blame Donald Trump for this. That article has already been written.

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