J6 Parent Rosemary Westbury Details How the FBI Paid Her a Visit


I'm very pleased to welcome today rosemary westbury. Now her family has been turned upside down by all this, and I'd like you to hear from her, her firsthand account, rosemary, thank you for joining me. I really appreciate it. I'm really sorry to hear what's happened to your family as a consequence of our own government. And I want you to describe the events in the aftermath. Let's not start with January 6th. We'll get to that. I want you to start with the first time the U.S. government in the form of the FBI came visiting your house. Well, dinesh the first time, actually, that they came was in February of 2021. And they came specifically asking for my son, Jonah. There were 5 of us that had gone to January 6th, and my son, Jonah, was, you know, we'd never been to Washington, D.C.. So he was posting pretty much all day on his SnapChat. The events of the day he was excited to see president Trump. And so one of his classmates had actually turned him into the FBI. He was former classmates. And so when he, when we had that first interaction, of course, my son contacted an attorney, so we got an attorney. And a local attorney. And they reached out to the FBI. The FBI went silent, really, truly what we call radio silence. And so my son rents an apartment in my home with a separate entrance. And the FBI knew that because they came to my house.

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