Sean Feucht: 'Jesus Christ 'Superspreader''


So you are mocked by Rolling Stone magazine. Some little editor there was really psyched that they came up with Jesus Christ super spreader. And let me tell you that this is going to be, I mean, it's kind of like when they said to Donald Trump about fake news and he decided, okay, I'm going to embrace this term fake news. I'm going to make it my term. So super spreader, you decided to make it the title of the film, which is brilliant. And I've only seen clips of the film, but it is amazing. Now who made this film? How did this come about? Well, I've been I was approached by vice and showtime and all these different crazy left outlets that wanted to do a documentary. And of course, we knew how they were going to tell the story. So we just thought, you know what? And then I had some other Friends approach being they're like, hey, what if we just followed around with the camera and we kind of told the story and the full story, which I think is important for people to see, I mean, you know, of course you added so much depth to the film, bringing historical context and sharing your history of what you've seen through your studies and everything. But then we also had a lot of people that were trolls that we interviewed. We had people telling their side of the story from, you know, how much they hated what we're doing or criticize what we're doing. We have Harvard theologian professors on there, a guy that ranted against me in a whole lecture, you know? We have, and then at the same time, we have these crazy testimonies that are undeniable of people that we're going to kill themselves. And all of a sudden they're walking through Washington square park in New York City and they throw their suicide medicine down at the altar and they get baptized, you know, and they leave in freedom. And so you have this incredible journey where it's not like a cheesy face film. I mean, it really is controversial. It's raw, you see the depth of despair in the moments that we wrestle with, but you also see the incredible breakthroughs that got brought.

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