Adam Carolla's Food for Thought


Did you make the guys at the worksite your fellow construction workers laugh? Well, this is an interesting point that I was talking to Dr. Drew about the other day. So I was, I went to New York, I did gutfeld show, and then I interviewed him for my podcast. And when we're done, gutfeld kept writing me these emails saying, oh man, the things you said, so interesting. They stuck with me. You've changed the way I thought about X, Y, or Z, and he was then telling that to drew when they went out to dinner a week later. And I was saying to drew, guys like you guys like Dr. Drew, guys like gutfeld. They appreciate me because they can appreciate what I do. The guys on the construction site, the guys from the neighborhood, the guys on my football team, they were like, shut up, no one cares, sit down, you know, because they couldn't intellectually, it was like a dog and this is going to sound self serving. But a dog doesn't know the difference between kibble and fillet mignon. It just knows that it's just food. It may prefer the kibble. It may prefer Salisbury steak. Over fillet mignon. You know what I'm saying? And I grew up that that was ever when I grew up with was that way. So later on, I run into guys like you, and you go, oh, Adam, how great must have been to be one of your classmates or friends or you could regale us with stories on the construction site, not that would have been young Dennis prager would have enjoyed that. But you weren't on a construction site.

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