Point scores in OT, Lightning-Maple Leafs head to Game 7


The the the the lightning lightning lightning lightning avoided avoided avoided avoided elimination elimination elimination elimination by by by by outlasting outlasting outlasting outlasting the the the the maple maple maple maple Leafs Leafs Leafs Leafs four four four four three three three three in in in in overtime overtime overtime overtime Brayden Brayden Brayden Brayden point point point point scored scored scored scored on on on on a a a a rebound rebound rebound rebound with with with with one one one one fifty fifty fifty fifty six six six six showing showing showing showing on on on on the the the the clock clock clock clock in in in in O. O. O. O. T. T. T. T. preventing preventing preventing preventing the the the the lease lease lease lease from from from from wrapping wrapping wrapping wrapping up up up up their their their their first first first first series series series series win win win win since since since since twenty twenty twenty twenty oh oh oh oh four four four four I I I I think think think think you you you you want want want want to to to to do do do do is is is is obviously obviously obviously obviously to to to to help help help help the the the the team team team team win win win win but but but but that that that that this this this this time time time time of of of of year year year year it's it's it's it's about about about about team team team team wants wants wants wants its its its its it it it it but but but but that's that's that's that's all all all all about about about about so so so so you you you you know know know know we're we're we're we're lucky lucky lucky lucky enough enough enough enough to to to to to to to force force force a a a game game game seven seven seven here here here tonight tonight tonight I'm I'm I'm very very very polite polite polite Anthony Anthony Anthony Sorell Sorell Sorell you you you Nikita Nikita Nikita Kucherov Kucherov Kucherov also also also scored scored scored for for for the the the two two two time time time defending defending defending champs champs champs the the the blue blue blue two two two goal goal goal lead lead lead for for for the the the second second second straight straight straight game game game a a a trail trail trail three three three two two two entering entering entering the the the third third third period period period Hydrae Hydrae Hydrae this this this Leschi Leschi Leschi had had had thirty thirty thirty saves saves saves nine nine nine in in in O. O. O. T. T. T. he's he's he's eighteen eighteen eighteen or or or no no no one one one games games games following following following a a a playoff playoff playoff loss loss loss over over over the the the past past past three three three postseasons postseasons postseasons game game game seven seven seven is is is Saturday Saturday Saturday in in in Toronto Toronto Toronto on on on the the the ferry ferry ferry

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