Poor Candidate Selection Doesn't Outweigh Broad Trendlines


So in other words, could Republicans blow 2026 sure. Republicans can always blow things. You can always count on the Republicans to miss every opportunity. This is a thing that Republicans routinely do. But if you are using this to try and chart trendlines on behalf of the Democratic Party, I think that you are going to be sadly mistaken. Over the course of the next few years, because again, the Democratic Party has moved too far left for the mainstream of America right now. And bad and arrogant Republican primary selections of people who are unlikely to win in the general because they get overconfident, and so they nominate AOC candidates in Peter mayor areas. Doing kind of what Democrats have done in some areas where they nominate extreme candidates to fill moderate seats. Again, bad candidate selection does not make up for the broad trendlines in American politics, which are cutting against the Democrats. So don't misread the tea leaves if you are watching this thing and determine that Democrats are therefore likely to achieve parity. Republicans, again, as I said before, Republicans can not regain the Senate. They can regain the house by, say, 15 or 20 seats as opposed to 40 seats. And all of that can be because of mistakes in how they pick their candidates. The trendlines are still the trendlines. So don't make the mistake of thinking that just because Republicans are selecting bad candidates, this spells doom for Republicans down the line.

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