Robert Byrd Vs. Joe Manchin


Now, let me ask you senator in terms of Robert bird versus Joe Manchin. If Robert Byrd had passed the bill that just passed, the 87 IRS agents would be taken up offices in West Virginia. Is there anything like that in this bird in this bill? Not that I know of and, you know, listen, we've all been on, I've been on our show crazy Joe for keeping the filibuster into that. Let's now work on a bipartisan infrastructure Bill. And I thought it made sense. I worked on the chips act. It was probably too expensive, but it still makes sense, trying to develop chips that we need for our military and domestic consumption in America, not relying on China and other places. So it's not like I can't work with a guy. Here's what happened. This is the same Joe Manchin who voted with the Democrat and march of 2021. Just imagine every Republican voted no. What does that tell you, Susan Collins? Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, all of us saw this bill as being hurtful to the economy and Joe Manchin was wrong in 2021. He's wrong now. And I think he's done a lot of damage to the people in West Virginia. That's at least what the goal will say.

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