'The Bodies of Others' Author Naomi Wolf on the War Against Humans


Return with Naomi wolf, her brand new book, the bodies of others, the new authoritarians COVID-19 and the war against the human. Now, Naomi, when you say the war against the human, this is where I see this extraordinary convergence. I mean, because we're living in such bizarre times, but when you leap to this idea of the war against the human, you're positing humanity as a good thing. And you're saying that those on the other side, these authoritarians are somehow wittingly or unwittingly anti human. Just talk about that for a moment. Sure, and I have sadly a ton more evidence of their war on humanity since the time we last talked to Eric. It's truly terrifying. So in my book, I make the case that, as I mentioned, these bad guys, right? This loose alliance of the World Economic Forum, the Chinese Communist Party, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, governments, and big tech used the pandemic of the last two years and used medical or public health messaging as cover for the real intentions, which we're seeing play out now. They were pretty successful. Their real intentions were to dissolve human civilization and to weaken human beings. And to transfer assets and power and control from human beings as a group, but especially from the middle and working classes to them themselves. And they've been largely successful. Let's just take two examples. The lockdown directive, right? It didn't help the data and it didn't help in terms of stopping the spread. It totally helped in terms of crushing businesses that couldn't afford to stay closed for 6 months a year. Over a year, small businesses, mom and pop shops, small landlords, but Amazon is open, right? Etsy is open. So you saw these companies go up 20 to 25% market share. And people's people's habits completely changed.

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