Only State Legislators Amend Election Laws, No One Else


This reminds me of what took place in the lead up to the 2020 election I'm not talking about ballots and voting machines I'm talking about the law changes that took place Illegitimately in violation of the federal constitution Are you paying attention Chris Christie AKA the cape mayorca Are you paying attention Paul Ryan AKA Paul Ryan Are you paying attention Liz chain asked she's a moron You get the point ladies and gentlemen It is we who are standing up for the federal constitution when it comes to the issue of who sets election laws in the states Is it a governor No Is it a lieutenant governor No Is it a Secretary of State No Is it a board of elections No Is it a state Supreme Court No Any state court No Hello is it a federal court No The framers would never have given this kind of power to any of those entities They relied on state legislatures state legislatures have to amend the constitution State legislatures at least had a voice in the United States Senate at the time before the Seventeenth Amendment not governors not courts state legislatures

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