Hosea Initiative's Terry Beatley on the Battle for the Unborn


We are delighted to have in studio. None other than Terry beatley, Terry, welcome back to America first. Hey Sebastian, I'm glad I'm back on. Thank you. So are you excited with this case in front of the Supreme Court with roe V wade potentially being overturned? I know we can't tempt fate, but we have faith. So tell us about how you are feeling right now in the battle for the unborn. I'm very encouraged. I'm super encouraged. I mean, we do have the chance of overturning roe V wade and all that means is the issue finally comes back to the states. This is important. This is not banning abortion in America because the Supreme Court can't do that. It just does what should happen in this nation. The decision goes back to the states because we are republic of states. And then what happens? And then what happens is I call it the battle for education. And here's the beautiful thing is the abortion issue can not maintain status quo in debating it, because logic, because truth, we can shine lighten all the dark places. So abortion will not stand, but at least it's going to be, it'll collapse due to education and enlightenment when people understand that we've been duped from the

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