Doc Who Discovered Omicron Was 'Pressured' Into Making It Sound Severe


I'd like to talk about the ideology of COVID and specifically of the omicron variant. Now the omicron variant was discovered in South Africa. In November, it spread since then to 57 countries. It was discovered by a South African doctor. In fact, the head of the South African medical services. A woman named doctor coxy ZEE. Angelique Kochi. And she described the virus and the symptoms in South Africa and she said, look, this is a contagious variant, more contagious than delta or the earlier variants, but she says its symptoms are also from her experience mild. And she described the South African patients who had this variant, and she basically said, look, these are people who have coughs. They have exhaustion. They have sore throat, but not a whole bunch of them are even ending up in the hospital. Now, interestingly, doctor Cote has a recent interview in the London papers that think it was in the London telegraph originally, but it's now reported elsewhere. Where she says the moment she said that, she started getting pressure from other medical authorities, not in South Africa, but elsewhere in the world, notably from Europe, saying, don't say that, don't say it smile. Don't say it smile, and she goes, well, but it is mild, and she says, quote, she goes, they kept attacking me. They kept telling me I had no idea what I was talking about. Now, the truth of it is, she does have an idea what she's talking about. They have actually now been several studies of the omicron variant. And the study showed that the omicron variant is notably milder than the delta variant. This is not to say that people don't die of all Macron. It's not to say that some people don't end up in the hospital. But basically what she's saying is that even though the sort of the good news and the bad news and the bad news is that all Macron is more contagious, the good news is that it's not as severe on average. So she's actually telling the truth about it, but what I think is striking is the way in which she was a subjected to this kind of medical and ideological, bullying. She goes, they are accusing me of lying of downplaying or only crime. Quote, in their minds, it's impossible for a disease with more than 38 mutations to be

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