Fox News Contributor Sara Carter Provides an Update on the Spy Game Illusion Hoax


All right welcome back to the show for the second time my good friend Sarah Carter Nobody knows more about the spygate collusion hoax than she does Sarah Thanks for taking the time I know you're busy I appreciate it Oh Dan thank you so much for having me on It's my pleasure And it's good to know that at least we have someone out there still digging still uncovering still pushing and I think this is important and that's John Durham you know And I think he's made a lot of progress with this case And I know it's been very quiet but for the most part he's proving everything that we have been discussing and everything that we talked about over the last 5 years Yeah I mean you made Solomon Jared I mean Jeff Carlson you know Jerry dunleavy It's a whole crew of people And Sarah this is the left strategy the left strategies the whole move on dot org thing Drag it out trip trip trip trip drip wait a few years and then wait for the conservatives to say I'm tired Well I'm not tired And I know you're not tired either I want to find out why they spied on Donald Trump and made this story up and exactly what Hillary Clinton's role is And I discussed in the opening hour something I know you know a lot about which is this brookings institution connection here Sarah there had to be a ringleader of this And it appears a lot of this was run out of brookings which strobe talbott and that crew over there Absolutely So here you have this think tank you know for the most part a well respected think tank for the left Brookings institution out of Washington D.C. And all of a sudden all of these names all of these names E Corgan chanko you know don't tell but all of these people are very well connected to Hillary Clinton are coming up in the steel dossier which we know Dan you and I both have discussed this Was the very beginning when we started to uncover it was basically a political hit job that appears to have been orchestrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign And I would say by Hillary Clinton herself And I think this is the direction that John Durham is going in And what he wants to do is he wants to expose slowly but surely all of these players how is he doing it Well he's got Igor danchenko in a knot He's got Michael sussman in a not right now And he has all these indictments against Igor danchenko And I think what he's going to do and what he is doing and it's strategic Is he saying look we're going to bust you on each one of these indictments That could be 5 years each lying to us I mean that's 15 years in prison Here's a guy in his early 40s He doesn't want that He's what he's trying to do is squeeze him so that he turns on the Clinton campaign

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