Switzerland Breaks Neutrality, Adopting Sanctions Against Russia


One of the latest and most notable reactions to the invasion is the fact that Switzerland has chosen a side On Monday the famously neutral country said it would adopt European Union sanctions against Moscow and freeze Russian assets located in the spanx Governor adopted sanctioned specifically against Putin prime minister Mikhail mushin and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov Good for them That's a good thing Even the Finnish are getting involved The two nations of border Russia were threatened with serious military political consequences by Moscow if they were to join NATO but both of them brushed off the threats Finished foreign minister Pikachu said we've heard this before and don't think that it calls for a military threat Finland's 830 mile border with Russia's the longest of any European Union country I want to be extremely clear It is Sweden that itself and independently decides on our security policy line added the Swedish prime minister Magdalena Anderson's she said in a statement

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