Inflation Continues to Rise, Even With Altered CPI


Inflation is rising the highest since 1982 Do you youngsters out there I want to remind you Ronald Reagan came into office Following Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter created a horrific inflation situation Horrific We hadn't seen anything since Lyndon Johnson And Richard Nixon created a horrific inflation situation And it all results from massive government spending not tax cuts and the massive government spending You see the government can never take in enough money to cover it spending I don't care if you confiscate all the money from every rich person in the world It's not enough Try and trillions and trillions more And I've entitlement programs promises way into the future The consumer price index and inflation gauge that measures costs across dozens of items rose 7% in December from a year earlier The fastest pace since June 1982 Now just so you know the bureaucrats have tried to change the CPI So that it doesn't show the real cost of inflation but even having done that They can't hide it Now they say that was in line with economists estimates and stock market futures rose after the release Excluding food and energy so called core CPI was up 5.5% on the year the biggest growth since February 1991 Now why would you exclude food and energy

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