New Jersey and Delaware Democrat Governors Are Lifting Mask Mandates


You see the picture of Barack Obama? His big mansion in Hawaii is being built. He's out there with all the construction workers. Now they have the toughest some of the toughest mask mandates in the world in Hawaii. You know, that is an island nation. They don't want people bringing COVID they say, and they don't want to spread there, they say. So you got to wear your mask. But not if you're Barack Obama. But look at this. Democrat governors are starting to abandon the Biden administration on school mask mandates. Do tell what's happening here. Apparently, the New Jersey and Delaware governors, both Democrats are lifting mask mandates I mean Murphy was a Democrat so ardently for the mandates, he called anyone who opposed them knuckleheads. But now, looks like Murphy's cave in like a he's folding like a cheap camera.

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