Paris becomes 'City of Love' on Valentine's Day


Couples flocked to Paris to celebrate the annual Valentine's day against a romantic backdrop the lover's dream about around the world when the AP visited dozens of tourists stood with their backs to the Eiffel Tower the hands locked in the form of a hot twenty six year old male if they go on posed with the roses for her photographer boyfriend is like he's threatened me Argentina we fall in love we are in the Far East three hours in front of them and so in the end they found our and when you train with that you would need that maybe it's not like this but I feel like this I can tell because I lived this experience for the young Argentinian the city's romantic appeal is more than just a cliche we are in love so when you're in love you enjoy in another way if you see that might take a look at things a young man clothes spices is simply what better city than Paris to celebrate love I'm Charles collect as much

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